1234movies Not Available— Why People Search 1234movies Instead of 123movies?

1234movies, as a website name, has been misleading a lot of viewers who usually log onto their Google account for searching 123movies and relatable streaming services. The latter is the official streaming website that offers free content to the viewers but nowadays, people are mistaking the same for 1234movies.

In this post, we will talk about the possible reasons why 1234movies is being searched online and is there any specific website catering to the same. Moreover, we will also be talking about 123movies and certain issues associated with the same— urging viewers to look for other options and goof up eventually.

So, let’s start with the discussion:


  • Popular Nomenclature


123movies isn’t a day to day name and comes with a slight ring to it. However, the use of numbers at the beginning can often get misleading for someone who has just heard about the website. This kind of website name isn’t regular for most viewers who therefore type the extra number after the desired set of values. 1234movies gets typed pretty often sans any success.

  • Erroneous Typing


More often than not, typing becomes a serious issue while searching for a select website. While correct results for alphabets are often returned on goofing up the spelling, alphanumeric words are hard to gauge and understand, verbally. Apart from that, there are many people who have faulty keys— regardless of the device, which then results in erroneous typing.


  • Lack of Popularity


Every time 1234movies is searched for, 123movies loses out on the audience base. However, I would consider lack of proper marketing and advertising as one of the reasons as why people don’t actually know 123movies that well. The company needs to be careful while marketing its services, website and even application as it comes with a tricky to understand nomenclature.

While people don’t usually goof up the spelling of Netflix or Hulu in that regard, 123movies is often mistyped— leading to lower searches in the long run.


  • Word of Mouth


Just like a phone number which is misinterpreted when read out loud, 123movies comes with similar set of restrictions. If a viewer is hearing about this website or even 123movies app for the first time from someone, chances are high that he or she might mistype the name which comprises of a few numbers. Therefore, if you, as an existing viewer, is referring 123movies to someone— make sure you write down the same on a piece of paper.


  • 123movies Not Working


While most people ignore this aspect, 123movies not working is one of the primary reasons behind the increased search volume of 1234movies. Be it restrictions imposed by the internet service providers or certain firewall issues, there are times when 123movies searches get returned as server errors.

Moreover, sudden traffic surges can also take down this website, forcing users to look for other options. As the server errors are uncalled for, people presume that 123movies isn’t the right name and typing 1234movies or 1234movies app would offer results.

Now when we have discussed about the possible reasons for people searching 1234movies instead of the actual name, it is fitting that we understand what implications it has on the popularity of 123movies on the whole.

1234movies vs. 123movies

Before starting with this segment, we again need to understand that 1234movies is high on search volume along with the likes of 1234movies app— made big due to a varied number of reasons. While the reasons have already been tabulated, in this segment we will be talking about how 123movies is getting affected by the same:

  • There is a sudden growth in the number of searches for 1234movies which in turn has nullified the actual popularity of 123movies. People see an already dead website when searched for the former and move on to other streaming clients for satiating their requirements.
  • 123movies is slowly losing out traffic, especially that concerning the first-time viewers. The reason is that most people are going in the wrong direction i.e. searching for 1234movies.

Bottom Line

123movies is already a popular streaming client while 1234movies is slowly moving up in terms of searches. While users are still searching for the former, the latter has lately been getting a lot of positive attention. The website might still be under works but keep checking on 1234movies might just yield some surprising results in the near future.

At the present, 123movies offers more utility but 1234movies is expected to show up as a full-fledged website in the long run. So it is advisable to search for 123movies for streaming and 1234movies for a surprise element.